Sub-Line Program

Currently, We are open to anyone who interested in our products & dropshipping to take part in this program to share this love & bring the happiness to the community.

Sub-Line Registration Form


  •   Do not have to pay a large amount of money in advance.
  •   Do not have to keep any stocks.
  •   Do not have to worry about order fulfilment.
  •   Do not have to worry about product warranty.
  •   Able to sell at any platform that comfortable with.


Collect & Send Order Details to SSCUS

Once SSCUS Chair is sold at any platform, get the order details and send to us for order fulfilment by SSCUS.


Order Fulfilment by SSCUS

SSCUS will pack the order and ship the order according to the order details.


Earn Profit Up to 30%

After order completed, the profit shared will be up to 30%!