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Why Choose SSCUS?

More than 25 Years of Experience

We are the expert in Seat Manufacturing with 28 Years of Experience. Quality is always our priority.

Up to Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty

We believe in our goods that are able to sustain a longer period.

Fast Delivery

The shipment usually takes around 1-4 Working Days.

SSCUS for Everyone

Excellent Service by SSCUS

“Excellent service by seller, hassle-free and fast. Product without damage.”

— Hyqal Asad Bin Adnan | WinnBaby WS821 Buyer

Excellent Service by SSCUS

“kerusi siap pasang dan selesa duduk. cuma lumbar support agak keras dan x sedap pakai. kalau lumbar support guna foam yg lagi lembut mungkin lagi sedap kot. dah lama usha gaming chair. at last, beli sscus. mula2 dulu aim tomaz. tapi sscus lagi berbaloi. ”

— Syahrul Ashraf | OPT II Buyer

Good Product Quality

“Kualiti yang amat memuaskan dan selesa☺️😊”

— syahir jalaudin | Legend I Buyer

Good Product Quality

“Simple, rigid (OPT 2) installation is simple(with guide), tools provided(no need purposely find tools) works like car seat, adjustment is simple. Metal five star base frame works steady as it should, comfort level is great. Recommended”

— Mohd Hisham bin Mudin | OPT II Buyer

Good Product Quality

“SSCUS gaming chair are really AWESOME ! The quality are top class. The delivery are very fast & good customer service. The most importantly, the price are very affordable compared to its superb quality. I'll recommend this product to my friends.”

— Amirul Fadzli | PRIME 1 Buyer

Good Product Quality

“Sangat selesa, kerusi cantik.. Puashati.. Nanti beli lain pulak hehe.”

— Pekan itech computer | OPT II Buyer

Good Product Quality

“My first gaming chair from SSCUS brand. All I can say, a very good quality product with affordable price. Overall, I'm satisfied and happy with SSCUS gaming chair. Definitely recommended to people out there. Thank you #SSCUS”

— Vicharaporn Chindamanee | OPT 1 Buyer

Good Value for Money

“Premium gaming chair by SSCUS terbaik guys....kemas, harga berpatutan, sedap duduk, sgt puas hati..”

— Mohd Rafiq bin Izwan | OPT II Buyer

Good Product Quality

“Great product quality, fast shiping, friendly and fast chat respond, easy to install just took me 20 minutes to assembled. Very recommended”

— Muhamad Rosmaini Bin Yusoff | OPT II Buyer

Good Product Quality

“The best gaming chair i have so far...nice design n contour, reclining and rocking very smooth. The chair very comfortable, my wife also love it and stole my precious gold colour haha... Delivery was very fast and service was very good. SSCUS OPT II s”

— Mohamad Arief Bin Mohamed Zaki | OPT II Buyer

Good Product Quality

“Paling sedap dan selesa .. thanks you so much sscusgaming”

— Fakhrul Syakirin | OPT II Buyer

Good Value for Money

“Fast delivery, easy to assemble & comfort. Good value for money”

— Huan Chyi | OPT II Buyer

Good Product Quality

“Kualiti mmg terbaik padan dgn harga👍🏻”

— Muhamad muhaimin | OPT II Buyer

Good Value for Money

“Awesome product from SSCUS !!! very comfy to sit on for long hour and the size is quite big fit for big person like me. Feels like a racing seat tho 😍🏁”

— James | PRIME 1 Buyer

Good Product Quality


— Mohd Azizul Akiemi Bin Ab Aziz | OPT II Buyer

Good Value for Money

“- Quality / price acceptable - Saiz, utk seseorg yg tinggi 177cm, berat 90kg, just nice. Setting plg rendah sedang molek. Kalau setting plg tinggi, kena berjingkit utk duduk 😂. - Utk seseorang yg ‘lebar’ agak spoil. Kena duduk molek2. Mengiring sikit d”

— Dzulsyafiq Muhammad | PRIME 1 Buyer

Excellent Service by SSCUS

“Mantap..puas hati..X menyesal beli. Admin pn jawab soalan yg sy tanya..tq bos”

— Mohd Fazrin bin ibrahim | OPT 1 Buyer

Good Value for Money

“Penghantaran pantas. Barang selamat sampai. Manual yang cantik dan jelas untuk membuat pemasangan. Setiap barang dibungkus dengan terbaik. Skru dan pemutar kekunci allen dimasukkan dalam plastik yang di sealed. Pemasangan mudah dibuat. Keseluruhan kerusi ”

— Muhammad Fahmi bin Yahya | OPT 1 Buyer

Good Product Quality

“Hi, I just recently purchased OPT series gaming chair and received on 27th May 2021. I must say with the price, this gaming chair is a top notch quality for someone with a frame like me (my height 180cm with 120kg++ bodyweight). Even without some great fe”


Good Product Quality

“Good Job sscus well build, no squeezing sound easy installation done in 15min.... very comfortable feels like thier racing seat. Best Quality !!”

— James | Legend I Buyer

Good Value for Money

“Bro goods has been received. Seriously fastest delivery i ever get. The chair is awesome. I will definitely will recommend among my circle. Thanks again🙏🏻”

— Eswaran Nagarajan | OPT 1 Buyer

Good Value for Money

“Very good, nice design and cheap gaming chair, i worked as editor..even i sit too long 4-5 hour, it's very also can lie down when tired,very recomended to buy”

— Muhamad Ammar Amirul bin Aziz | OPT II Buyer